The Financial Crime Forum: Back in the Air Again.

Hello. It's been a while.... but now we are back, criss-crossing the world* to ensure bring our own unique Fora.

Call it "in-person" or "face-to-face," it doesn't matter. We're back after the pandemic hiatus.

And we're back with a mission *

Our family-friendly events are designed to provide so much more than a typical conference or convention. We are truly global: our topics are not local to the host country: they are of international interest and concern. We are able to bring together those with different views of a problem and possible solutions. We have an extraordinarily diverse panel of speakers and we encourage room-wide discourse not simple Q&A sessions. Delegates are often experts in relevant fields, too.

You won't hear from speakers you see on platforms every few days - in fact, you probably won't have heard of most of our speakers. They come from governments and government-adjacent bodies such as regulators. Intelligence agencies and law enforcement and from the senior inner workings of commercial and financial concerns. There are no consultants, not even from within our own Group. Self-promotion is not permitted except in dedicated "advertising" slots which last a maximum of 15 minutes.

There's an exhibition and our innovative, highly interactive, sponsors and exhibitors' workshops.

What do you get? A full day's Forum - compressed into five hours so it's done by 13:00 leaving you to enjoy the Daily Mingle buffet with delegates, speakers, exhibitors and your guests. You get free entry to the Workshops and you get a Financial Crime Risk and Compliance e-learning package, developed in association with the Forum, which will take you, within a year, to become certified as a financial crime risk and compliance professional (Certificate in Financial Crime Risk and Compliance). This package is by invitation only and you can't buy it separately. It's worth about USD1,000.

You get free afternoons (subject to any workshops you may elect to attend) and evenings to enjoy the excellent locations we choose with guests and friends. Go on: explore. You know you want to.

There's more. Lots more.

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We ARE The Financial Crime Forum and we welcome you.

* Our Mission

*How much of the world are we criss-crossing in the coming months?

See where we plan to plant our flag: Provisional Schedule