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Enforcing Compliance 16 March 2023

Building great policies and procedures is only the beginning

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Compliance is the process by which policies and procedures are followed. Ideally, this should happen by as part of a company's culture but in practice, it must be enforced from inside the company as "internal compliance" and from outside (as "external compliance")

In this Forum, we will examine why compliance fails and what can be done about it.


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16 March, 2023 18:00GMT

17:45 Platform opens for login
18:00 Welcome. Nigel Morris-Cotterill. A short introduction to understanding suspicion in financial crime.
18:30 Speaker 1 Herding millennial cats.
19:30 Sponsor's presentation (Sponsor 1) tba.
20:00 Speaker 2 Sameera Dawood-Bhagwan will explain her experience in a large developed economy with a large underclass, the compliance problems that brings and approaches to deal with it.
21:00 Sponsor's presentation (Sponsor 2) Internal surveillance
21:30 Speaker 3 Securities company compliance officer : the "regulatorily resistant trader"
22:30 Wrap up and thanks.
22:45 Platform closes.


Sameera Dawood-Bhagwan


Sameera the AML/CFT divisional head at the South African Reserve Bank. She oversees a team of 26
responsible for AML/CFT supervision of banks and life insurers. She is admitted as an attorney and has a
number of years of experience working in various money laundering and terrorist financing positions within the banking sector and the South African FIU.


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Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Officers
Law enforcement
Legislators, policy makers and regulators
C-Suite officers in commerce, trade and industry
Risk managers
Insurance underwriters
Computer scientists
Data analysts
On-line marketing practitioners
Customer engagement specialists

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