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Failure to prevent... Fraud

New legal duties put companies and officers under strong obligations.

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It's a decade since the UK imposed an obligation on companies to prevent bribery. In the meantime, other countries have created similar regimes.

Now governments are looking a stage further, planning obligations to prevent money laundering, fraud and breaching sanctions.

Yet, while the objective is similar, to make companies and those that run them liable for criminal acts done in their name, the beneficiaries of the policies are different. There are legal and even ethical/moral questions over such policies. And that's before we begin to look at extra-territoriality and matters of conflict of laws.

In this series of Fora: The Failure to Prevent -
Money laundering
Sanctions Breaches

The Series will be of interest to, particularly, Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Officers and Internal Auditors.


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Around the world, governments and regulators are putting in place measures to require businesses that providing banking and bank-like services to protect against unauthorised transactions. In the USA there's UCC § 4A-202, in the UK there's the Consumer Duty, for example. All of this is bringing back into sharp focus the "Quincecare" duty.

What is the role of BSI 2017 / PAS 17271: Protecting customers from financial harm as a result of fraud or financial abuse, and the Lending Standards Board's Contingent Reimbursement Model Code?

These obligations relate to the issue of fraud relating to customers' money.

There are also obligations where the bank is the victim: regulators require the making of reports of significant frauds.

Outside the banking sector, there's the pressure from shareholders on insurance companies to reduce losses due to fraud. It's not strictly an obligation but it is increasingly being presented as tantamount to one.





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