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Talk: Why counterfeits matter18 July, 2023 07:00 GMT


This talk is fully remote. 18 July, 2023 - Time 07:00 GMT

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Fakes cost money, jobs, reputations - and lives.


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Counterfeits create vast profits for individual forgers and organised crime gangs and raise money for terrorism.

They reduce corporate profits, create risks to health and even life. And they damage reputations and even make it difficult for e.g. musicians to earn enough to live on.

From illegal streaming to downloads of films and music, from creating fakes of art and software, to copying textbooks or, even, posting on LinkedIn someone else's work, someone, somewhere is making an illegal profit at the expense of someone else's effort.

Yet, what seems to be simple isn't.

Nigel Morris-Cotterill will introduce the "Countering Counterfeits" series with a talk and Q&A.

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18 July, 2023 07:00GMT

The preface to the "Countering Counterfeits" series,

06:45 Platform opens for login
07:00 Nigel Morris-Cotterill: The Financial Crime Aspects of Counterfeits
07:45 Q&A
08:15 Platform closes.

Who should attend.

Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Officers
Law enforcement
Legislators, policy makers and regulators
C-Suite officers in commerce, trade and industry
Risk managers
Insurance underwriters
Computer scientists
Data analysts
On-line marketing practitioners
Customer engagement specialists


Nigel Morris-Cotterill

The Financial Crime Aspects of Counterfeits.


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