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Financial Crime in the Metaverse and Reclaiming Assets from Kleptocrats

Where real and unreal worlds collide

Fully on-line event. 6 December, 2022 13:00 GMT - 17:00 GMT (est) GBP50


Event Summary

Financial Crime in the Metaverse will examine what the metaverse is, some of the tactics and techniques used to encourage users to remain within a particular provider's ecosystem, the risks that ordinary users face, the potential liability for providers of financial services to metaverse users and an analysis of the tools used to build and maintain the artificial environments that boost retention while disarming the natural caution of the user, making that user susceptible to becoming a victim of financial crime. And it's important not to miss the risk of terrorist recruitment and financial aid in what is, essentially, a lawless and anonymous environment.

Finding, seizing and confiscating the assets of kleptocrats is key to supporting nations where budgets have been plundered by those close to but not necessarily in government.



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6 December, 2022 13:00 GMT


All times are GMT and approximate.

12:55 Platform session opens

13:00 Nigel MC (8 pm Kuala Lumpur)
introduces topics and speakers

13:30 Dr Richard Claydon ( 13:30 London)
Inquisitiveness to habit to addiction: the science of user attraction retention and manipulation.

14:30 Mr Anton Bidziura
International Business Development Officer, YouContrrol. (4:30 pm Kyiv)

15:15 Mr Artie McConnell (10:15 am New York)
Tracing, freezing and confiscating the assets of kleptocrats.

16:00 Mr. Guido Appenzeller (10 am San Francisco)
AI generated images, showing practically how easy it is to generate them, how to detect them, and some areas where these are already being used maliciously

17:00 Wrap
17:10 End. (2.10 am Kuala Lumpur)

Welcome Message

Welcome to The Financial Crime Forum on Financial Crime in the Meta-Thingy. I'm Nigel Morris-Cotterill and I've specialised in financial crime risk and compliance strategies for almost 30 years. I'm the Chairman of The Financial Crime Forum.

In this paper, I’m going to fail to answer, with any clarity, the simple question ″what is the metaverse?″

And, spoiler alert, I’m going to tell you that it’s whatever you think it is – and whatever someone else wants you to think it is.

The metaverse is, quite simply, a concept, not a thing. It is not a place. It is not an entity. It is not owned or controlled by any one entity – and that includes Facebook which has tried to impose itself as the leader in the metaverse, even rebranding itself as ″meta″ which, of course, secures its place in search engine rankings whenever anyone looks up anything with the prefix ″meta.″

Knowing that the metaverse is a place designed to manipulate users, there is an absolute imperative to understand how that manipulation is performed. Dr Richard Claydon will explain the tips, tricks and techniques that play on your mind. Mr Guido Appenzeller will demonstrate exactly how virtual environments are created and how they are used to reinforce the manipulation and show real world examples of how criminals are using these.

Our second topic is that of corruption and kleptocrats. Corruption involves two parties: one wants something done, or not done, and the other wants a benefit for doing, or not doing, it. Plunder is simply the embezzlement, or straightforward theft, of state owned assets by those in a position of authority. A kleptocrat is, at its simplest, a person in authority who takes corruption and/or plunder to extremes. The term is often extended to include the associates. Actually, the correct term for this extended group is "oligarchs." Obviously, this is closely related to the increasingly convoluted approach being taken to Politically Exposed Persons. There are special challenges in trying to recover assets in the hands of kleptocrats and oligarchs. Artie McConnell traces, chases and confiscates moneys in the hands of kleptocrats with the aim of returning it to the people it has been stolen from.

And so, I'm going to do a little scene setting to help us tune into our subjects.

Here goes....


Mr Artie McConnell

Tracing, freezing and confiscating the assets of kleptocrats.

Mr McConnell is an Assistant United States Attorney in the Eastern District of New York with the National Security and Cybercrime Section. He coordinates the Office’s global export control program and serves as the liaison to Task Force Kleptocapture. As a federal prosecutor, he has handled complex cases of national importance in areas such as financial crime, cybercrime, terrorism, foreign corrupt officials, sanctions evasion and money laundering. During his career, he has tried over 40 cases to verdict.

Dr Richard Claydon

Inquisitiveness to habit to addiction: the science of user attraction retention and manipulation.

Dr. Richard Claydon is the Chief Cognitive Office at EQ Lab, an extended intelligence network designing and delivering training, consulting and advisory on leadership and transformation. His research examines how people in complex environments tend to get attracted to and trapped into unreflectively believing in simple and partial mental models, often to their own detriment, and explores how those with a greater complexity of thinking manage to survive and thrive in similar conditions. He is the designer of the Leadership Module for Macquarie Business School’s future-and-behaviour-focused Global MBA program, currently ranked number one worldwide for student experience by QS Rankings.

Mr. Guido Appenzeller

AI generated images, showing practically how easy it is to generate them, how to detect them, and some areas where these are already being used maliciously
Mr. Guido Appenzeller is currently a Special Adviser at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Previously Guido was CTO of Intel's Data Center Business Unit, Chief Product Officer at Yubico and CTO for Cloud & Networking at VMware. Before VMware, he co-founded Big Switch Networks (acquired by Arista) and Voltage Security (acquired by HP), leading those companies as CEO and CTO respectively. From 2008 to 2010 Guido was a Consulting Assistant Professor at Stanford University. Guido holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University and M.S. (Diploma) from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.


We thank the following sponsors for their support

YouControl is a Ukrainian team that creates services for business analysis. We help businesses avoid financial risks and give journalists and public activists a chance to investigate socially important issues.
YouControl main project is an analytical system for compliance, market analysis, business intelligence, and investigation. The system generates a full profile for every company in Ukraine and key info on foreign companies based on open data, tracks changes in state registers, and reveals links between affiliates.

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