The Financial Crime Forum: Online. Forum Time Zones


Time Zones

For Online Fora, we have divided the world into three zones that overlap.

There's The Americas and the Caribbean. For this zone our events start at 18:00 GMT.
This zone includes Canada, USA, South America and the Caribbean. It's also a good time for the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Next is EMEA+ For this zone our events start at 12:00 GMT.

From Greenland to South Africa, from Ireland to Qatar, this massive zone also includes much of North Asia and overlaps with some of East Asia.

Third is Australasia, Asia Pacific and East Asia. In this zone, the Forum starts at 03:00 GMT.

From India, across Asia, through Indo-China and China down to Australia and New Zealand this zone is the most geographically, politically and culturally diverse zone.

The world is divided into many, many more time zones with the added complexity of seasonal time changes which are not consistent.

You can check your local time for each event at Time and Date.Com. You might have to argue with it about GMT for those times when the UK is on British Summer Time. Always insist on GMT!

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