The Financial Crime Forum India 2023 Upskilling risk and compliance

Update: originally set as a face to face event, we are now moving this event online to reach an India - and World - wide audience. But we are looking at hosting the master session in Mumbai.

Mumbai is teeming with people - and banks and fintechs and commercial concerns of all types.

And India is a major centre for outsourced compliance functions from around the world.

So of course, The Financial Crime Forum has to be there.

It's hot and dry and a great place to enjoy our family friendly format with the compressed sessions held in the mornings and optional workshops in the afternoons and on day three leaving plenty of time to explore. Bring a companion.

We'll be looking at upskilling risk and compliance in financial institutions.

Like all our Fora, it's designed for a global market for delegates, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors.

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