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The Financial Crime Forum - UK and Europe - 2022 will take place in December 2022.

Financial Crime in the meta-thingy

Plus ├ža change. In 1999, Nigel Morris-Cotterill wrote his first paper on financial crime using the internet. In 2015, he published the book "Cleaning up the 'net - an action plan for combating financial crime on the internet" and in 2020 that was updated and republished as an on-line course by our sister business Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Training. The fascinating thing is that, despite many technological changes, the principles are not only those that were present in 1999 but those that long predate the internet.

Those technological changes are not as radical as they seem but there are technical issues that do need to be addressed.

But there are also basic things, some of which are as much psychology as they are technical - and some that are philosophical.

The Financial Crime Forum event in London in December is "Financial Crime in the Meta-Thingy."

Of course, it's going to cover a lot more than the obvious and to do it in much more depth than other events.

The Economic Crime Forum

This Financial Crime Forum is conjoined with The Economic Crime Forum and joint tickets will be available at a discount.

The Economic Crime Forum: identifying, confiscating and restoring the proceeds of bribery and corruption

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