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The Financial Crime Forum: Building the Brand

The Financial Crime Forum and The Economic Crime Forum are busy building our brands which we launched in the late 1990s.

In the past few weeks, we have

- appointed several media outlets as "Official Media" and we are discussing this with more. We provide readers' discounts.

- appointed a global compliance Institute as a "Supporting Organisation" and we are in negotiation with several others including some very large organisations. We provide members' discounts.

- launched our "Ambassadors' Programme" to leverage the social media of individuals who earn benefits for spreading the word. We provide discounts to the Ambassadors' connections.

- created an "Official Services" scheme for the provision of various supporting services in return for publicity

- created a "series sponsorship" scheme under which exhibitors and sponsors are entitled to discounts if they book to support multiple Fora.

- built a Speakers' Roster of more than 60 high level speakers from governments and government-adjacent entities and senior echelons of commerce and industry. That should keep us going for a while as there are only eight speakers at each Forum.

We have also launched a dedicated LinkedIn page for the Forum.

On our website,

- we've provided information about Fora up to and including June 2023 in London, Hong Kong, India and The Philippines.

- we've updated all the back-end information and booking services for Fora which are available for booking / exhibitions / sponsorship.

And now, at last, we've released this blog to tell you all about what we've been doing to make The Financial Crime Forum your first port of call for the best in what the industry calls "conferences" but, because we are different, we know are Fora.

We can't wait to see you.