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Breaking all the rules.

The Financial Crime Forum has a provisional schedule up until the end of 2024. And it has a mission.

We are keeping our promise to travel to many countries, attracting a global audience to places they want to visit to listen to globally-sourced speakers on wide range of topics and to discuss them.

We know we are going to change some venues and we know we are going to change some topics. We might also change a venue and the topic. What the schedule does show is our intention to engage an audience in thinking beyond the sadly generic and superficial material that so many conferences produce.

Because we ARE The Financial Crime Forum and we are different.

We make a point of hunting for speakers outside the usual range: our aim with the Forum is to elevate knowledge and understanding beyond the norm. We don't want an audience to receive reinforcement of that which they have already been fed: we want to expand minds and attitudes.

We have a mission to educate not to replicate.

Nothing about the Forum is what you expect if you expect a typical conference or a convention. There's barely a "rule" we haven't broken in terms of how an event is structured, presented or, even, located.

We have globally-sourced speakers speaking on topics of national, regional and global importance for delegates who travel from all over the world to attend our Fora.

That's why our venues are, mostly, not where you'd expect to find people talking about Financial Crime at the highest levels. It's because we go to places that others don't go and we take you with us: we go to places where you will learn, by observation and, almost, by osmosis, about the lives and activities of people who are, usually, nothing like you. We take you out of your cosy bubble where everyone says and thinks the same. We actively encourage you to be aware of what happens around you.

That can't happen when you drop into a generic windowless ballroom for most of the hours of daylight, surrounded by the same grey suits as surround you in your office, getting your opinions from those who have views that you already hold and then you shower, change and go into another windowless room for a set dinner and organised entertainment, spending three or four days in a sealed environment unaware of the world beyond the fence.

No. That is absolutely not what you get with The Financial Crime Forum.

So, take a look at where we will drop you here