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You talked, we listened.

You asked, you demanded. We resisted. But no longer.

Everything you expect from The Financial Crime Forum - but online.

We get it. Travel has become so costly that employers won't send delegates to overseas events. Worse, with looming recession and vast numbers of redundancies, many people don't want to leave their desks for long.

So, we've done what we said we wouldn't do: we've decided to take the best financial crime events online and we'll hold a lot less face to face events around the world.

For live-streamed events, we're saving you time, travel and hotel costs and - because we are saving those things, too - we're able to hugely reduce the price of tickets.

We're still, more or less, on mission.

Our family-friendly events are designed to provide so much more than a typical conference or convention. So we can't do that but the online format enhances the fact that we are truly global: our topics are not local to the host country: they are of international interest and concern. We are able to bring together those with different views of a problem and possible solutions. We have an extraordinarily diverse panel of speakers and we encourage room-wide discourse not simple Q&A sessions. Delegates are often experts in relevant fields, too.

Just as with in-person Fora, you won't hear from speakers you see on platforms every few days - in fact, you probably won't have heard of most of our speakers. They come from governments and government-adjacent bodies such as regulators. Intelligence agencies and law enforcement and from the senior inner workings of commercial and financial concerns. For our live events, self-promotion is not permitted from the main platform but in a streamed Forum, that segregation cannot be maintained. Also, we can't run an exhibition as such but our innovative, highly interactive, sponsors and exhibitors' workshops can still be arranged.

What do you get? Pretty much a full day's Forum with speakers that make you think.

So, six months ago, we proudly said "we are back in the air again." Now we can proudly say "we’re on the air, at last."