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The Financial Crime Forum - Internal Auditors - 2022 - KL

The Financial Crime Forum - Internal Auditors - 2022

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 17-19 October 2022


The Fourth Line of Defence

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The Forum focuses on the relationship between internal audit and financial crime risk and compliance, on the expectations of regulators and the specific areas of financial crime risk and compliance that Internal Audit must pay careful attention to but which are, perhaps, lesser-known risks.

Regulators are, increasingly, concentrating on whether internal policies and procedures comply with their interpretation of their own rules. In addition, regulators have been given the power to bring proceedings, civil, criminal or both, against companies which they regulate and against nominated officers.

Compliance Officers are therefore exposed to risks from criminals using or targeting the organisation and from regulators.

Internal Audit provides a back-stop against both of those risks. Regulators have noticed and require internal audit to review and report on internal policies and procedures. It goes further: in most jurisdictions, there is a duty to report suspicious activity against, through or by the organisation. This requires a different kind of awareness to that which is, historically, the area of internal audit: it requires awareness of people and their conduct as much as it requires an awareness of data. If that duty is not followed, criminal prosecution may result as well as professional disciplinary / licensing action.

The Financial Crime Forum will hold an annual Forum specifically for Internal Auditors, for a global market, to facilitate wide-ranging discussion between practitioners and with high level speakers to focus the discussions.

The financial crime regulatory industry likes to talk about ″the three lines of defence.″ But they are wrong. There are four.

The fourth is Internal Audit.

Supported by an exhibition and workshops, The Financial Crime Forum Internal Auditors 2022 will allow you access to a concentration of vendors of relevant products and services so that you are equipped to discuss the subject of financial crime risk and compliance with your company's compliance and IT departments to help build a unified approach to this complex topic.

Event Summary

October 2022

17-18...Forum 07:45 - 13:00, exhibition 07:30-17:00
17-18...Workshops (optional) 14:00-17:00
19........Workshops (optional) 09:00 - 17:00

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The Financial Crime Forum Internal Audit 2022 by the numbers
Event Details

The provisional programme includes:

The expectations of financial sector regulators
The expectations of corporate regulators
The expectations of market regulators
Conflicts between systems in international groups
Identifying customers and other third parties.
Purchasing fraud
Bribery and corruption
Managing the relationship between Risk and Compliance officers and Internal Audit.

Each speaker has one hour 15 minutes to develop the theme and to encourage room-wide discourse.

Between speakers, there is a sponsor's Ad Break lasting 10 minutes during which sponsors introduce their product or service as shown in the exhibition and in a workshop.

The Forum starts with a working breakfast at 07:45 and ends with a light buffet and the "Daily Mingle" in the Exhibition Hall.

Workshops are free of charge to delegates and last 45 minutes, drinks and snacks are served. Delegates sign up for workshops at exhibition booths. Workshops allow significantly greater interaction between exhibitors/sponsors and delegates than a presentation from the platform. They also ensure that those in the workshop have an interest in the product or service. Workshops are not open to competitors or media so exhibitors/sponsors can be less guarded in their replies to questions. The format allows delegates to ask questions that are more direct than they might feel comfortable asking in a large room with many people.

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Remember: We ARE The Financial Crime Forum and we have been since 1998. Anyone else using our name is an imposter and you are cautioned not to have dealings with them.

Who should attend

The Forum is for Internal Auditors in Listed and other large companies in finance, commerce and industry and their regulators.

Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Officers
In-house lawyers
Senior management in finance, commerce and industry.


GBP225.00 including applicable taxes.
Ambassadors and Ambassadors' Connections: GBP200 including applicable taxes.

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The Financial Crime Forum welcomes sponsors and exhibitors. We concentrate on technology and services that support the functions that detect and deter financial crime and investigate it when it happens including asset recovery.

For more information, please request a media pack.

About the event location

The Family-Friendly Forum will be held in Kuala Lumpur with easy access to Peninsular Malaysia and its islands. It's a short flight to Sabah and Sarawak. Forum Sessions start early and finish early, leaving afternoons and evenings free other than optional workshops.

Dress: Smart Casual

Kuala Lumpur has an excellent public transport system that connects the Airport to the city and many non-central locations by train and/or bus.

Visa Information

Type of visa required to attend a conference or seminar: tourist ("short term social visit pass").

Citizens of many countries will be issued with a 90 days' pass on arrival.

Citizens of some countries will require a visa which can be obtained on-line prior to departure.

Citizens of some countries are not permitted entry.

Website: https://www.malaysia.gov.my/portal/content/27702