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KYC and Privacy 7 February, 2023

Knowing the private customer

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The tension between the individual's right to privacy, the state's need to collect and use relevant information and the financial sector's obligation to know its customers is constantly in flux.

Legislation and case law constantly destabilise what should, in theory, be simple. Worse, Legislation and case law are often in conflict with each other. The right to privacy has been eroded in many ways but then the right to be forgotten is a reminder that courts protect citizens against, at its very worst, tyranny, or at least they do where courts are independent.

This is an extremely complex subject: how do financial institutions deal with the initial and continuing requirement for KYC if customers are provided with information silos into which no one can peep?

This Financial Crime Forum will examine some of the issues this difficult topic raises.


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7 February, 2023 12:00 GMT

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In the 1990s, a very senior US prosecutor told an audience in London that, so far as he was concerned, the only people who needed privacy were those who were doing something wrong. In the USA's version of the internet age, that concept has, in many ways, been delivered.

Further, the USA has pushed for the tearing down of any curtain that an individual might stand behind in many countries, both by national law and through bilateral or, even, multi-lateral agreements.

Yet many, many people wish to keep their affairs, particularly, their financial affairs private and they take steps to do so. In many cases, they have good reason.

Our speakers will look at obstacles to effective KYC processes and how, despite those obstacles, sufficient information can be obtained to safely accept and keep customers on the books.





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