The FInancial Crime Forum: Health Matters

20 March 2020

As more countries open borders, we are able to review our policy relating to Fora.

Speakers, delegates and our own team are gradually able to travel and to be present at events.

For example, the UK has now removed all border and in-country restrictions but the wearing of masks in certain situations remains recommended.

However, we must make it clear that our own requirements will include

a) social distancing during sessions: seating will be arranged appropriately
b) masks to be worn during sessions (excluding speakers while speaking)
c) all speakers, delegates, sponsors and exhibitors and team must be fully vaccinated as a pre-condition of entry.

There will be free movement and no requirement for masks during coffee, lunch and tea.

We do not require temperature checking nor evidence of testing.

Note that these are our requirements: the venue may have its own and, where they are more strict, they must be adhered to.

We know that this goes beyond the legal requirements in, for example, the UK but we take the view that we bear at least some obligation to reduce risk, even though we know we cannot eliminate it.

1 March 2020

During restrictions on holding of events in all our major markets and, of course, travel restrictions we do not plan to hold Fora or face to face training until the situation is resolved.

Some of our face to face training courses have been migrated to our sister company's e-learning platform at where you can earn CPD and, after passing an examination, receive a certificate and points towards the designation Certificate in Financial Crime Risk and Compliance, a new high-level certification for financial crime risk and compliance officers.

The Financial Crime Forum is and always will be a Face to Face meeting. We have no current plan to hold any events remotely.

We look forward to seeing you when it's safe and practical to do so.