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Sri Lanka - removed from our schedule.

#TheFinancialCrimeForum looks for interesting places to host its events.

Sometimes they become a little TOO interesting.

Like Colombo in Sri Lanka. We chose Colombo several months ago when its economy was fragile but it was politically and socially stable. It's an excellent choice because Colombo is vibrant and exciting and Sri Lanka Airlines is an excellent and surprisingly inexpensive way to travel.

The plan was simple: we'd hold the Forum, workshops and exhibition in the city and our travel coordinator would help delegates and their families with plans to go to the beautiful south of the country using local guides and services. It's what she does, taking groups to Machu Pichu or The Hindu Kush when she's not making sure we don't get into too much trouble. She's got some fascinating side trips lined up for some of our venues.

But all the research and planning for Sri Lanka has come to nothing, at least for the foreseeable future. We've had to abandon plans as the country descended first into economic meltdown and then into civil disobedience. Some of our team are not strangers to being in dodgy places where violence can erupt without much notice but the last thing we want to do is to take 500 people, delegates and their families along with speakers and sponsors and exhibitors, straight into the arms of chaos.

So, sadly, Sri Lanka is off the list of places we're planning to go for the time being.

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