Upskilling the Risk and Compliance Function 21 March 2023


Upskilling the Risk and Compliance Function 21 March 2023

The right people with the right skills in the right job.

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Event Summary.

Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Officers are under constant demands to learn new things, to apply new priorities and to adopt new management techniques. Yet, it's vital not to overlook the basics.

The Financial Crime Forum: Online looks at what employers seek in applicants at all levels, different application processes and, in a very competitive market, how to best present a CV to increase its chances of passing through filters to reach the ultimate decision maker.

There is a tension between over-supply of willing applicants for financial crime risk and compliance jobs and the quality of those applicants.

What do companies really want from applicants at various levels within the field? How can you prepare for your next step up or, if you were amongst the mass redundancy schemes across much of the financial sector, how can you get back in? What job functions are relevant and which are most in demand?

In short, how can you prepare yourself for a successful career in financial crime risk and compliance?


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21 March 2023 03:00 GMT

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Competition is fierce, the higher up the risk and compliance ladder you climb. But even at lower levels there are hurdles to jump.

The first is that risk and compliance is generally pretty poorly paid, especially for the level of corporate and personal responsibility officers face.

The second is that there is no internationally recognised professional qualification. Some countries have a local scheme. It is not a requirement for employment and this is as it should be because mobility in the field is hugely beneficial. Job postings that specify a particular certification scheme bar many excellent candidates for whom that particular scheme is not appropriate.

The third is that job descriptions are usually appallingly drafted with no focus on specific responsibilities. Worse, some jobs advertised are far more than a full-time job for one person. And even more horrible is where jobs like that are bolted onto another function e.g. fraud management or, even, the design and delivery of a global training scheme. It's just not doable. So the scene is set for failure from the outset.

So, what we need to know is exactly what skill-sets are those that the best risk and compliance officers need and what do they need to avoid?

In this Forum, we will hear from a specialist personnel officer, a CV drafting consultant and a senior risk and compliance officer. We will hear from a headhunter (a real one who identifies his target before making an approach) and a recruitment agent who will explain what makes your CV stand out from the crowd.

For the rest of my time, I'm going to tell you what I, in my long experience dealing with compliance officers, have found to be some of the reasons that compliance fails and companies get into trouble so that you can avoid the same pitfalls.





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Who should attend

Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Officers
Law enforcement
Legislators, policy makers and regulators
C-Suite officers in commerce, trade and industry
Risk managers
Insurance underwriters
Computer scientists
Data analysts
On-line marketing practitioners
Customer engagement specialists


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