The Financial Crime Forum. It's time.

The Financial Crime Forum was created in 1998 within one of our Group businesses. Several years later, we created a new company, The Financial Crime Forum Limited to be the marketing vehicle for the Forum.

Over the years, we have come across various people trading on our name and reputation.

We make it plain. If you are approached by anyone whose e-mail is not [name]@ claiming to represent The Financial Crime Forum, or promoting an event using our name, that person is an imposter and that event is not a real Financial Crime Forum event.

If the event is not listed on this website, it is not a real Financial Crime Forum event.

So, simply, don't agree to speak for them, don't agree to attend their events and particularly don't send them any money or commit to any expenditure in relation to any fake Financial Crime Forum event.

We cannot and will not be responsible for any loss, be it financial or to your reputation, if you deal with such imposters.