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Financial Crime in the Metaverse and Reclaiming Assets from Kleptocrats concludes

And we're done. The Financial Crime Forum Online - the financial crime risks of the metaverse and attacking the assets of kleptocrats has wrapped up with delegates from Africa, the EU, the UK and the USA.

With an introduction from me in Kuala Lumpur, an in depth presentation of how minds are manipulated by criminals by Dr. Richard Claydon in London, an excellent sponsors' presentation by Anton Bidziura of YouControl in Kyiv which specialises in KYC information for CIS and beyond, a detailed look at US law and policy on identifying and securing assets held by kleptocrats from Artie McConnell in New York and finally a genuinely brain-bashing analysis of how artificial intelligence is redefining image generation with massive developments happening in weeks not years and costs falling towards zero from Guido Appenzeller in San Francisco we roamed the world and, in many ways, redefined it.

But we can't redefine the technological future because it's clear that by the time we work out what the future holds, it's already in the past. The pace of change is, quite simply, beyond our comprehension.