Corporate Social Responsibility - Financial Crime Forum - application for exhibition space

The Financial Crime Forum supports relevant charities by providing two exhibition spaces at each Forum.

For legal reasons, we make a charge of GBP5 including applicable taxes.

The terms, other than as to cost, are the same as the terms for an exhibitor's space.

Relevant charities are:

a) registered as a charity with the relevant national authority

b) has a formal management structure

c) receives at least 80% of its funds from charitable donations. Government grants or those from supranational bodies are excluded.

d) active in one of the following areas:

i) child protection especially in relation to online sexual abuse
ii) human trafficking
iii) conservation including illegal trade in flora, fauna and/or products made from or containing them

We do not accept political (a term we define widely) or religious groups.

We prefer local charities rather than international groups.

We expect competition for each event to be strong and our decision is final and is made in our absolute discretion. No discussion as to the reasons that a space was not allocated will be entered into.

Charities are welcome to apply to become Financial Crime Forum Ambassadors (see here for information. In the case of charities, the minimum number of social media followers will be waived.

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Insert, one source per line, the source of funds that the charity recorded in the past 12 months.