Registration: The Financial Crime Forum Online - Universities, Colleges and Schools

This form is for the registration, by an authorised member of the teaching staff, for use by universities, colleges and schools which have credentials from the relevant national government body.

The Financial Crime Forum offers ground-breaking access, free of charge, to live on-line Fora.

This is available to bona fide, chartered, schools, colleges and universities.

There is no charge for this service.

There are only a few conditions:

1. You will register for a single connection to the Forum and you will display one instance of it in a single lecture hall, seminar or classroom.

2. It is prohibited to save, download or record audio or video by any means whatsoever and institutions must enforce that policy.

3. We actively encourage the making of notes by teaching staff, students and pupils to use as the basis of discussion after the event.

4. You can have as many people as you wish in the room but you may only admit registered students or pupils and staff. You may not admit members of the public and you may not charge for entry.

5. You will have one-way communications only.

Please complete and submit the form.

You will receive confirmation of registration when you submit the form and will receive the link to login to the Forum a couple of days before the event.

We ask that you inform us after the event how many students / pupils attend and whether you ran the whole event or selected papers.


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